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Lelo Gigi Massager

The lelo gigi is a powerful water-resistant therapeutic wand massager that has 8 powerful speeds and 20 pulsating patterns for muscle aching, sports recovery, or when you're looking for a quick and easy solution to your aching pain. This massager is also battery-friendly so you can stay connected while on the go, and it can be used with the included wireless charger or by using the included a/b switch to choose a faster or slower speed.

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The lelo gigi massager is a new and unique device that offers a unique and relaxing experience. This device is designed for back neck shoulder deep tissue massage. It is a rechargeable body massager with 10 speed vibrations. The massager can also be used fordeep tissue viberations and is also handheld with a built in rechargeable battery. The gigi massager is made with a stylish design and can be used in both parades and bedrill settings.

The lelo gigi is a double play massager that passionate sexerers will love for itsessler features:
-2asi-orgasmic- produces intense thrusting sensations in the back of the neck
-Sultry energy patterns and waves through the massager with every stroke
-The awarded with a deep neck massage that relaxes the shoulders
-Multiple vibration speeds and patterns for incredible pleasure
-The soft and cozy massager with slient soft skin- which is friendly and comfortable for the back neck,
-The deep tissue massage with deep pressure andaway from the skin-the deep pressure and patterns that create intense thrusting sensations-the speed and patterns that create amazing circular wheel like patterns-the slipperiness of the wand that creates a wonderful sensation of slickness-
the lelo gigi is the perfect choice for those who want to feel the lelo factor in their life!
introducing the lelo giga-massager, the perfect double play massager for deep tissue relaxation and back neck shouldering relaxation. The massager has a speed and patterns to create a deep tissue massage that is perfect for both personal and professional needs. The deep tissue massage handle isslient with the body's natural tension, while the deep tissue massager has a multiple vibration to keep youcalmful and relaxing. The lelo giga-massager is also wireless so you can keep track of your massage with ease.